Our product

BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ is a dynamic lighting system that mimics natural daylight indoors, creating healthy light environments for people. Our natural light tracks daylight through the diurnal rhythm, alongside seasonal changes, automatically monitoring variations in light intensity and fluctuations of color-scale. Our light environments are customized to meet the needs of customers and businesses. Each distinct light source can be individually controlled to optimize lighting within the room. Our BioCentric Lighting™ automatically alters throughout the day, controlled by our AutoLit-recipes, but can also be easily adjusted using a keypad, touch screen or via our app. Installation of the control system, sensors, and luminaires is seamlessly completed and creates minimal disruption to your business.

Up-to-date light environment system

BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environments are under development in cooperation with our scientific advisory board. That allows our systems to align with the latest technological and medicinal research. Updated research in light is integrated into our lighting systems, allowing BrainLit to become a world leader in light environment solutions for human well-being.

Control system and AutoLit-recipes

BrainLit’s environments with BioCentric Lighting™ are based on a lighting system that is patented. Our AutoLit-recipes adapt the light environment to suit users or businesses via LED luminaires sensors. Temporary changes to the light environment can be applied by using a touchpad or display. Optimal light conditions for each activity is stored in our library of light environments, and can be selected and applied with ease, such as “presentation light” or “cleaning light.” The system is robust and scalable. It works just as well in a small meeting room as with a large-scale office building, hospital ward or industrial site.


BrainLit’s light environments use LED luminaire sensors to control and recreate natural daylight indoors. The sensors are also compatible with other systems, such as AV-, ventilation, or heating systems.

LED luminaires

Our LED luminaires are specifically optimized for BrainLit’s natural light environments and work together with our AutoLit-recipes. The luminaires create personalized light for people and animals by adapting to the layout of the location and the need for the business. Each light source can be individually controlled. For example, separate “light islands” can be created within larger spaces to match the requirements of smaller groups and their differing activities.

Light measurement and installation

A comprehensive light measurement of the location is made before any installation. That allows BrainLit to understand and optimize the light environment for its needs. Our unique solution is inclusive of a control system, sensors, and luminaires, with the installation of the complete system done conveniently and with minimal disruption to your business.

Education and training

Before installing our products, we provide educational training for all those who intend to work within the light environment. A second training session takes place after the lighting systems are installed and operational. We are happy to complete follow-up evaluations of the newly installed light environment and make any adjustments that are needed.

“With BrainLit’s lighting system, you need only enter the room and the optimum light environment will appear.”

– Truls Löwgren,  CTO, Team BrainLit