BrainLit is now launching in the US and is looking for professional Partners to promote and support our mission of expanding the benefits of BioCentric Lighting™ to all people and the planet.

We believe in our superior technologies and products and welcome the opportunity to work with ambitious Partners with a shared vision for advancing the optimal health and well-being of people and all living things. Our Partner Program offers diverse opportunities to work together, to do great things together, and to be successful together.

If you are interested in learning more or in joining our Partnership Program, we are interested in talking with you.

Partner Program Options

  • Referral Partner
  • Sales Partner
  • Installation Partner
  • Industry Partner

The advantages of BrainLit’s technologies and products are both universal and specific to each customer’s unique needs and goals. In fact, because of the vast applications and benefits of our highly distinct products, we have a lot to offer to a multitude of diverse customers … and to our Partners. BrainLit strongly believes we truly offer superior and exceptional products to our customers and extraordinary opportunities to our Partners.

For information on how to enroll in our partner program, sign up at Partner RFI/ Enrollment. 

Please note that our partner program is for now only available in the US. More countries soon to be announced.

Our Customer Markets Include

  • Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Physician & Medical Clinics, Nursing Homes, Long Term & Memory Care Facilities, Laboratories
  • Education / School Systems & Organizations
  • Commercial Buildings & Offices
  • Warehouse, Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Distribution & Shipping Facilities
  • Department, Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Sports Complex, Gym & Fitness Centers

  • And many others that desire the benefits of BioCentric LightingTM

Our Partner Opportunities Include

  • Distributors, Sales Groups & Representatives
    – including Lighting, Technology, Healthcare and More
  • Hi-Tech and Specialty Lighting Design Architects, Consultants & Contractors
  • Commercial & Residential Architects
  • Commercial & Residential Building Contractors
  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Professionals
  • Energy Provider & Distribution Contractors
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency Professionals, Consultants & Auditors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Healthcare Professionals & Consultants
  • Education / School System Superintendents, Board Members, Staff & Facilities Management
  • Facility Managers, Property Managers, Community Managers, City Council Members, County Commissioners
  • Business and Office Managers, Advisors, Consultants & Executives

Partnership – simplicity, efficiency, productivity and shared success

BrainLit is committed to helping Partners promote and make available our BioCentric Lighting systems to the many customers that can benefit from this exciting technology. As a central part of the Partner Program, BrainLit provides Partners with utilization of an advanced cloud-based platform for generating customer- and project-specific design and pricing proposals. In addition to other features, this powerful resource enables BrainLit and our Partners to conveniently input, construct and access customer and project-specific design, pricing, proposal and installation information in one structured, simple and efficient resource.

  • Distinct and superior science-based technology and products.
  • Diverse customer markets and lighting solutions.
  • Extraordinary Partner Program opportunities.

Please contact BrainLit to learn about more about our Partner Program by CLICKING

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