Innovation Skåne

The innovation firm’s new office is positioned at the center of the building, with no access to natural daylight. The BioCentric Lighting™ system has been installed throughout the entire premises and natural light environments are customized to suit the activities of staff in office rooms, office landscapes, corridors, and conference rooms.

The office uses the BioCentric Lighting™ system with mimicked natural daylight, controlled automatically through AutoLit-recipes. Light environments are customized according to work hours and activities in common spaces. Separate office rooms have preconfigured light scenarios, which users can easily alter via a keypad. The office landscape is used for a range of activities and therefore needs a variety of customized light environments. For example, a warmer, moderate light is used when the room doubles as a lounge. Different light settings are chosen via a touch screen within the room and can be selected from a library of preconfigured light environments.

The light environment solution in the conference rooms is integrated with AV-equipment. One example of its function can be seen when a projector is in use. Light is dimmed in the area surrounding the projector screen, and a new lighting environment, one suitable for taking notes in, is projected throughout the rest of the room.

The lighting system is based on motion detection, making it environmentally friendly, energy efficient and low-cost in maintenance.

Office landscapes

Various light environments are present in the office landscape, customized to suit the activities of the room. The lounge part of the room consists of warmer light whereas dynamic lighting in the workplaces follows a specific diurnal rhythm that has been adapted to match the office hours of work.

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms are small, with limited access to natural daylight. Experiences within the rooms are more comfortable once fitted with the new light solution, which makes for more frequent and enjoyable use. The mimicked daylight in the rooms is perceived as a natural light environment, increasing creativity and stamina.