The consulting firm previously had light environments that were too low in intensity and poorly positioned. Many offices and conferences rooms in the building were also lacking in windows. They saw a need for good lighting that could be adapted to the different requirements of their office workers and technical staff.

The building consists of several separate offices, office landscapes, conference rooms, corridors and workplaces for technicians. The variety of different tasks and staff requirements are easily customized by using the touch screens and keypads. The dynamic BioCentric Lighting™ environment, following the diurnal rhythm with AutoLit-recipes, is essential for all rooms. With the help of an extensive light library, complete with differing light scenes, staff can customize their own light environment to suit specific activities.

“I no longer need my glasses when I read serial numbers of our products”

– an employee at the tech-department

The tech-department

The detailed work here requires a significant level of precision. The light solution provides a light environment free from glare or screen reflections.

Offices and conference rooms

The light environment can be adapted to work tasks. Blue light increases concentration and focus, while red light enhances relaxation. Staff in separate offices can customize the lighting to suit their own need and mood.