The new venue of the regional office was entirely renovated when moving into the old building. The company is on the cutting edge in digitizing their business and chose to install BrainLit’s high tech light environment solution with BioCentric Lighting™. The light environments are installed in the open office, meeting- and conference rooms and common areas that require different solutions for optimized lighting.

Besides panels in the ceiling, the designer armature was as well included in the dynamic lighting environment that mimics daylight indoors.
All parts of the venue use AutoLit- recipes. It creates a natural light environment with variation in both intensity and color spectra. It mimics an optimal day with daylight outdoors. In all parts of the venue, when needed, it’s possible to change to the desired light environment. The touch screen has a selection of light scenes.

The customer experienced the installation of the lighting environment as quickly and smoothly undertaken and is very satisfied. They are especially pleased with the participation of BrainLit throughout the complete installation – from planning, installation of LED-luminaries, sensors and control system to deployment and education and training.

” Visitors often make comments of that they experience the office as very pleasant, and the only thing that differs between this office and our other offices is the lighting.”

– Property manager

Different light environments, same room

Specialized solutions are provided, e.g., in the dining area as well as at a project table in an open space, with a softer lounge light environment solution. When needed, light is changed easily via a display and set to a two-hour AutoLit-light environment.

30 minutes

In the office space, the light goes off automatically after 30 minutes of non-movement in the area. At the end of the day the when the alarm is activated, all lights are turned off except for light exposing the company logo at the entrance.