Office space

BrainLit’s natural light environments create comfortable workplaces where tasks can be completed more efficiently. The mimicked daylight by our BioCentric Lighting™ is customized for the needs of staff and the business, and this is a crucial part of the work environment which contributes to the wellbeing and efficiency of all. Our intelligent lighting system is compatible with other systems, such as AV-, ventilation and heating systems.


The light environment, based on recent research, tracks the natural diurnal rhythm and changes with the seasons. Access to natural daylight is particularly important during the darker months of the year, where sunlight hours are fewer. The light environment is adapted to the need for staff members and the business to optimize efficiency and the requirement of various light solutions. In an environment of natural light, staff members feel better, see higher levels of concentration and find it easier to focus on tasks.

Proper lighting ergonomics reduce tension in eyes, neck, and shoulders, and has been shown to ease headaches for some customers. Some say that they feel so energetic that they forget to leave the office on time.

The luminaires enable a pleasant light environment and remove the need for desk lamps. It is easy to create new light environments should the layout of the office be changed.

The lighting system is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and requires only minimum levels of maintenance.

Innovation Skåne

The lighting system creates natural light environments with biocentric light in spaces that have limited access to daylight.

“Six out of ten staff members feel like the lighting is both insufficient and a forgotten issue in their workplace.”

– shown by research done in the lighting industry


A provider of IT equipment needed good lighting for their technicians and office staff.


The BioCentric Lighting™ system for an optimum light environment was installed during the renovation of the office spaces.

“The lighting industry needs to take a much more ‘dynamic’ approach to lighting workplaces.”

— says Professor Russel Foster, Lux review 2016 Read article.