The real-estate agency is one of few to offer complete high-tech accommodation to international guest researchers and their companions. BrainLit’s technologically advanced lighting system recreating daylight indoors also integrates with other systems within the apartment, creating a complete package of intelligent living.

International research and their companions are rarely familiar with the dark winters in Sweden. With our mimicked daylight indoors, we reduce the associated discomfort. In our natural BioCentric Lighting™ environments, researchers and their companions get the light they need, especially during the darker months of the year. The researcher can do their work at home and in good lighting. The BioCentric Lighting™  system can also be used to create light scenes that prevent and reduce jetlag when traveling to, or from, other time zones.
Other systems, such as TV-, sound, and alarm functions have been integrated into the intelligent system. The system is self-learning and reconfigures itself in accordance with the average usage of light and other systems. The system remembers this pattern of usage and automatically maintains it, even when the residents are not home. This can reduce the risk of burglary.

The key challenge in the project of combining our dynamic BioCentric Lighting™ system and luminaires with a non-dynamic system is to ensure that the desired effect is achieved. Brand new luminaires were developed in cooperation with the producer to meet our requirements for an optimal light environment with daylight indoors. Our high requirements are driving the development of luminaires even further, providing light for the health and well-being of people and animals.

Scientific studies

During the fall of 2107, several scientific studies will be conducted in the apartment by researchers from Lund University. This text will be updated with the ongoing results.

Bedroom light for relaxation

A comfortable light environment for relaxation in preparation for a good night sleep.

Bedroom light for working

The light environment of the bedroom changes to activating light and transforms the room into a workspace.

This is the apartment with sunshine indoors every morning

Imagine waking up in the perfect spring sunshine. Every morning. This is a real-life possibility in an apartment with BioCentric Lighting™.