In the modern, high-tech industries of today, precision and safety are two of the most highly prioritized issues. BrainLit’s technologically advanced natural light environments provide the appropriate conditions for a safe and secure workplace. With our BioCentric Lighting™ system solution, the staff is healthier, employee turnover has reduced, and the employer appeal has increased.

Industrial premises are often windowless; consequentially employees cannot access the daylight that is needed for focus during specialized work tasks. Our natural light environment with BioCentric Lighting™ provides staff with the natural daylight they require. This light would be otherwise difficult to provide in industrial premises, particularly during the darker months of the year.
One of the biggest challenges for lighting in the industrial sector is the adaptability of the light solution to a workplace where multiple activities take place during the day and require numerous solutions for different locations with specialized layouts. Our dynamic lighting system easily mimics daylight indoors adapted to the special requirements of the industrial sector, providing correct lighting conditions and safe environments. The light solution provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment, allowing personnel to focus on their task and retain energy, despite potentially unsociable hours of work. These tasks require a much higher level of concentration and wakefulness.

Working in shifts in BioCentric Lighting™ environment

Shift work is a common practice in the industrial sector. It is widely known that this has a negative effect on sleep quality and the diurnal rhythm. Many employees who have worked night shifts develop sleep issues as they age. Our natural light environment with BioCentric Lighting™ environment solution mimics daylight following the diurnal rhythm and changes with the seasons. The solution has been developed to follow a natural diurnal rhythm.

A stable diurnal rhythm helps to increase the quality of sleep and enhances the recovery process of the body. Working a night shift is easier when the employee feels fresh and awake. Safety increases as errors due to drowsiness decrease. Our natural light environment with BioCentric Lighting™ solutions create conditions for a good environment that leads to a stable diurnal rhythm. This results in an increased number of employees attending work and fewer instances of sick leave.

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“Shift work and unsociable hours counter-effect the body’s natural diurnal rhythm. The body is programmed to sleep and eat during certain parts of the day, and to be physically active during this time can lead to poor health. The risk of developing sleep issues, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stomach and intestinal problems, diabetes, increased blood lipids, etc. may increase.”

In “Shift work and the night shift,” Prevent