Hotell Skansen, Båstad

The first hotel and conference facility in Sweden decided to invest in BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ system for their conference rooms in 2016. At the same time, the AV-system of the facility was integrated into the lighting system. The light environment solution with daylight indoors is a key part of the hotel’s profile and reputation for providing excellence in hotel and conference opportunities.


The light environments with daylight indoors form part of the hotel’s commitment to ensuring high health standards in a comfortable environment. The light solution has been installed in fourteen conference rooms, varying in size and color. AutoLit-recipes reproduce the variation in daylight, mimicking both intensity and color, and adapt themselves according to the time of day, or the season.

The lighting is easily altered to suit specific activities via a touch screen or keypad, with a range of different light scenes available for selection. For example, at well-attended afternoon tea events, the windowless conference rooms are filled with natural daylight indoors which induces an inviting feeling of comfort.

The lighting system of the rooms has also been integrated into the facilities’ AV-system so that the light scene can be customized for certain activities. For example, light is dimmed automatically when a projector is switched on, and the remainder of the room is tailored to allow adequate light for notetaking. The lighting and AV-systems are maintenance-free and can be altered by participants in the conference room if necessary. The reception staff also have full access to the system, including an overview of environments, and can customize lighting from their desks.

The hotel achieves recurring top-level grades when reviewing customer experiences of the light environment. Flexibility and frequency of use of the facilities have increased while spend on maintenance costs and AV-equipment has been removed.

“With our decision to invest in new lighting for our conference facilities, we progressed into the future. I hope that our guests are able to achieve even more with their meetings at our facilities now that we also provide a leading edge in light technology”

– says the director of the hotel


A light scene for increased focus and concentration


A light scene for increasing creativity and relaxation