Conference facility

A BioCentric Lighting™ environment with integrated AV-system has been installed in all conference rooms. The light is automatically customized depending on the activities. Conference participants experience a comfortable and creative light environment to work in. The mimicked daylight enhances energy and efficiency for the participants during conferences and meetings.

Different light scenes, besides the automatic dynamic light environment, can easily be selected via a touch screen within the room. A large supply of light scenes, available from the lighting library, has been designed specifically for Marina Plaza’s customers.

The AV-system is integrated with the light environment. Functions include dimming the light in the surrounding area of the projector screen while providing suitable lighting throughout the rest of the room for notetaking.

Conference participants feel more energetic and efficient resulting from indoor daylight of the conference rooms of Marina Plaza, both during and after conferences. The lighting system is energy efficient and maintenance-free.

“We work hard to create an environment and experience that leads to fruitful meetings for all of our customers.”

– Annika Birkfeldt, hotel director at Elite Hotels in Helsingborg.

Read the press release from Elite Hotel Marina Plaza in Helsingborg (in Swedish).

Activity light

A light scene for increased focus and concentration

Lounge light

A light scene for increasing creativity and relaxation