Memory clinic

The memory clinic has BrainLit’s dynamic BioCentric Lighting™ system installed in three offices, a corridor and an educational space. The educational programs of the clinic are well known, with both Swedish and international participants. Our goal is for all elderly care facilities to have access to BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ solutions with mimicked daylight indoors, to provide a benefit for the overall health and patient quality of life.

The research from the memory clinic shows a strong correlation between lighting environments, different colors and the wellbeing of their patients. This has created a particularly strong interest in BrainLit’s natural indoor BioCentric Lighting™ environments at the clinic. The mimicked daylight has been applied to spaces for both personnel and patients at the clinic. The educational space at the clinic encompasses areas of learning, a cafeteria, and a lounge. The light solution is also active in a corridor and three offices.

All of these spaces are fitted with the dynamic daylight indoors and are controlled by automatic AutoLit-recipes. Staff and visitors can also customize the light environment in each room to suit their own needs or as required for a specific activity.

Customizing the light environments is easily done via a keypad, or touch screen, in each room. The touch screen provides a library that contains an extensive selection of light scenes, available to the user through a push-and-drag system with just four buttons.

Evaluations of the user experience of the system are continuously carried out. The clinic staff have a very positive attitude to the new light solution with mimicked daylight indoors.


The lounge is positioned at the entrance of the facility and includes an area with a warm light environment for relaxation, plus an area with blue light for increased focus and concentration.

Educational space

The educational space at the clinic welcomes visitors from all over Sweden. The AutoLit-recipes with automatically mimicked daylight is commonly used in this room. The light environment can be manually adjusted to suit specific activities and is done via a display.