Health & Elderly care

BrainLit’s natural light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ benefit both patients, residents, and staff. A good environment enhances the healing process and prevents accidents for both patients and residents. The mimicked natural light creates a comfortable workplace where staff can do their job to the best of their ability. The light solution creates an overall safer and more comfortable environment for everyone.

One of the biggest challenges with light in healthcare is the adaptability of the light solution to a workplace where multiple activities require different solutions for different rooms. Our BioCentric Lighting™ system is easily customized to mimic daylight indoors according to the unique needs of the healthcare industry. The light environment provides patients and residents with the daylight that they need each day without being limited by circumstances, such as during the darker months of the year.
Healthcare personnel and staff in elderly care often work in shifts, which can result in sleep disruptions. Both the quality of sleep and recovery time is improved with our natural light environments. Working the night shift becomes easier and safer as the staff feels fresh and alert, minimizing the risk of human error.

Daylight for better elderly care and healthcare

BrainLit’s natural light environments with BioCentric Lighting™  provide great benefits to both patients and residents in the elderly care industry. In this environment, it is usual for people to spend the majority of time indoors with limited access to the natural daylight that is needed to regulate the circadian system. The BioCentric Lighting™ system mimics natural daylight to enhance recovery and increase well-being as a result of improvements in the diurnal rhythm. BrainLit’s lighting solution is especially beneficial in elderly care due to the failing vision of patients and their limited ability to absorb light.

People with an advanced age need a more intensive light to aid vision and exposure to sufficient daylight is important in stimulating the diurnal rhythm.

The mimicked daylight also leads to an increased sense of wakefulness during the day. Accidents during the night, such as slips or falls during toilet trips, are less likely to happen if patients or residents are not under the influence of sleeping pills. Accidental falls such as this can lead to personal suffering, higher insurance costs and the risk of untimely death.

Memory clinic in Malmö

Different light environments at the memory clinic increase well-being and boost energy levels for both personnel and visitors.

Neonatal ward Helsingborg's Hospital

A safe and natural light environment is being developed in cooperation with our scientific advisory board for a neonatal ward.

Mårtenslund Elderly Care

BrainLit’s light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ were installed at an elderly care facility in the summer of 2017. The lights were installed in patient bedrooms and common facilities. Once the BioCentric Lighting™ system becomes operational during the fall of 2017, an extensive study will be conducted to determine the effects of the new light environments on residents of the facility.

The study will also include members of staff and will form part of the facility’s health campaign for a good work environment for all personnel. The study will be led by professor Thorbjörn Laike and chief physician and researcher Klas Sjöberg.


“It feels like being outdoors”

– casual comment by one of the nurses at the facility during testing