The Lindeborgs School

The school in Malmö is the first in Sweden to install BrainLit’s natural light environment by our BioCentric Lighting™ system, providing teachers and students with an educational environment with biocentric light. Additional installations of light solutions are planned in Malmö, in both schools that are being renovated and in newly built schools. The positive effect of the light upon the quality of sleep of students has attracted national and international media interest.

One classroom in the school had the lighting system installed in the fall of 2015. For the larger part of the day, the dynamic lighting system is automatically adapted to reproduce daylight indoors with our AutoLit-recipes. The light is configured to match the scheduled activities and can be manually changed by the teacher if the need arises. During math lessons, a blue light nicknamed the “math light” is used because it increases student focus and concentration.
A scientific study conducted in 2016 showed that the sleep quality of the students increased along with the ability to focus and concentrate to a higher degree. The expectation is that this will positively affect the students’ grades and future examination result.

Dynamic LED light provides better sleep quality for school children (study)

During the fall of 2015, BrainLit’s natural light environment solution was installed in a classroom at the elementary school. For the larger part of the day, the dynamic lighting system uses our AutoLit-recipes to reproduce daylight indoors. The option to manually adjust the light conditions to the classroom activities is also available.

Students wore intelligent armbands during the study to objectively measure sleep quality. The study showed a statistically significant improvement in their quality of sleep. The students slept deeper and for longer times, waking fewer times than during the previous night. The improved sleep quality led to the students becoming more energetic and attentive during their studies.
The study shows a significant correlation between dynamic LED lighting and improved sleep quality. This is based on the 2016 Master thesis of Stina Eriksson and Karin Wingren, students of the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

Download study (pdf)

Activating light scene. The “math light”

Calming light scene. Creative light.

“When light in the classroom resembles springtime daylight, students become more energetic and achieve better results.”

Read the article and watch the news clip from SVT-Aktuellt (external link, in Swedish)

Why do we sleep so badly?

This Belgian TV documentary discusses BrainLit’s technology in use at the municipal school in Malmö and BrainLit’s office in Lund. (The segment from Malmö starts at the 12.40 mark)

“I have been offered many opportunities to teach at other schools, but, after having worked in BrainLit’s light environments, I would not like to work in classrooms with other types of lighting.”

– a teacher at the school.