BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ system creates natural light environments and provides optimal conditions for Sweden’s biggest workplace: the school. Both students and personnel benefit from lighting conditions that yield good results and well-being. An elementary school in Malmö was the first school in Sweden to use recreated daylight indoors. This school has attracted national and international media interest.

The light environment follows the natural diurnal rhythm and changes with the seasons. It is being developed alongside the latest light research. Access to daylight indoors is crucial for students during the darker months of the year when the hours of natural daylight are fewer. Adequate light is needed to enhance the overall health and energy levels.

The lighting system is customized to suit the needs of students, personnel, and their activities, ensuring a comfortable environment to work in. An adapted light environment enables students and staff to feel fresh, energetic and focused on each task.

The dynamic light environment automates itself by using AutoLit-recipes. Teachers can easily adjust light conditions via a touch screen or keypad to ensure that light is adapted to classroom activities. Blue light is designed for activities with high demands on focus and concentration, whereas a red light is best for developing creativity and cooperation. In preschools, a warmer light welcomes children and parents during the morning and is designed to encourage a calm environment.

A customized light environment is important in schools for children with special needs. Research in light conditions has shown that a color spectrum can be conducive to optimum learning conditions for children with special needs. Therefore, light environments can be adapted to enhance learning capabilities for the needs of all children.
Our intelligent system is compatible with other systems, such as AV-, heating and ventilation systems. The light environment has a smart layout which allows for easy installation and minimal disruption to operations. The light solution is energy efficient, sustainable and maintenance-free.

The Lindeborgs school

According to a scientific study, light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ enhance the sleep quality of students and increases energy levels during study time.

“When the light in the classroom resembles daylight in the spring, students become more energetic and achieve better results.”

Read the article and watch the news clip from SVT-Aktuellt (external link, in Swedish)

Neptun Preschool

Natural daylight environments with BioCentric Lighting™ are adapted to suit preschool activities, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for children and staff alike.

“Generally speaking, most lighting in Swedish schools is outdated. For example, 73% of schools have classrooms with lighting environments that need to be modernized.”

– according to several reports from the Swedish Energy Agency.

Why do we sleep so badly?

This Belgian TV documentary discusses BrainLit’s technology in use at the municipal school in Malmö and at BrainLit’s office in Lund. (The segment from Malmö starts at the 12.40 mark)