Satisfied customers in numerous fields

People who live, or spend time, in our naturally enjoyable light environments are happier, has increased wellbeing and are more efficient. BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ system reproduces daylight indoors and provides the light conditions that people have a natural need for. In modern times, we can spend up to 90% of our time indoors. As a result, we are not always exposed to the amount of sunlight that is needed for our bodies to function efficiently at work or at home. Our light environments create happier and safer workplaces, improve wellbeing- and elderly care environments.

Office space

Natural light environments, those adapted to work tasks and lighting conditions personalized for different members of staff, increase energy and comfort.

Hotel and conference

Dynamic lighting systems enable comfortable and creative environments for guests and conference members.


BioCentric Lighting™ systems that create a stimulating environment for concentration and learning.

Health- and elderly care

BioCentric Lighting™ enables quicker recovery for patients and reduces the number of accidents in elderly care. Staff members feel energetic and become more efficient.


Recreated daylight indoors enhances safety and reduces the negative impact of shift work.

Other Application Areas

These tenants in Lund have daylight indoors, this hairdresser salon works in natural light, and light therapy is provided to this barber’s customers during shaving.

“Light affects the way we perceive and process our surroundings. A good light environment makes us feel safe and enables us to perform tasks satisfyingly. Good light implies a presence of daylight and lighting to perceive the room correctly, for good vision and a good diurnal rhythm.”

– According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s guideline on “Light and lighting” (external link, in Swedish)