The scientific advisory board

Our BioCentric Lighting™ environments are developed in close cooperation with our scientific advisory board, whose field experience in scientific and medicinal research relates to the needs of people for natural daylight in health, wellbeing, and efficiency.

Team BrainLit and the scientific advisory board meet every sixth week to keep up-to-date and answer any questions relating to the continuous development of the BioCentric Lighting™  system. Intermittent contact is maintained between Board members and our CTO/Head of Product Development at all other times.

The latest in light technology and its effect on health and wellbeing is continuously synchronized with BrainLit’s control systems, sensors, and luminaires. The close cooperation between the scientific advisory board and Team BrainLit guarantees that our lighting systems deliver the best light conditions for people every time. The expansion rate of Sweden’s most innovative lighting technology company is high, and we currently have five separate patent portfolios.

Natural daylight for your health

Watch Klas Sjöberg, associate professor, and head physician, in an interview at the scientific breakfast meetup at Ideon Science Park, Lund, where he talks about the importance of natural daylight in overall health for people.

Klas Sjöberg (Chairman of the board)

Klas Sjöberg (Chairman of the board) Head physician, associate professor, and adjunct university lector with field expertise in “the light’s effect on the human being”. Read more.

Thorbjörn Laike
Professor in environmental psychology, contributions in significant survey methods. Read more.

Lars Samuelson
Professor in ”Semiconductor Electronics/Solid State Physics”. Read more.

Lars Montelius
Professor in nanotechnology with a specialization in life science. Read more.

Madeleine Selvander
MD, Ph.D. Ophthalmologist. Head of private ophthalmology clinic. MSc Electrical Engineering and Technical Physics

Lennart Minthon,
Professor at Lund University, MultiPark
Multidisciplinary research focused on Alzheimer´s disease. Founder of ”Minneskliniken”.

“Our everyday life will be revolutionized by the possibilities of customizable lighting”

Klas Sjöberg, chief physician, researcher, and chairman of BrainLit’s scientific advisory board.

Natural daylight for your health

At a scientific breakfast meetup at Ideon Science Park, Lund, Klas Sjöberg, associate professor and head physician, discusses the importance of natural daylight in overall health for people. How do we achieve the optimum diurnal rhythm when we go hiking?