New ventures

The possible scope for BrainLit’s light environments with biocentric daylight indoors is extensive and exciting. One of the most recent installations outside of our primary fields of operations is located in a rental apartment, owned by a real-estate agency.


The apartment is primarily used in short-term rental agreements for international guest researchers. Research conducted by some of the residents on their experience of the lighting system is due to take place during the fall of 2017.

At a hairdressing salon, the new lighting provides an enjoyable environment for both customers and personnel. They are particularly satisfied with the neutral light that projects the correct hue during hair coloring.

The barbershop provides their customer with a moment in natural daylight and light therapy during their shave. They also use the light to enhance product marketing.

Real-estate agency

Enjoyable living and working environment with natural daylight in the apartment. Different light environments can also be used by residents to avoid jetlag.


A healthy working environment is an important part of the salon business plan. The owner of the salon asserts that the business remains healthy as long as the personnel stay healthy.


Customers are given light therapy at the barber shop and the staff stays healthy with daylight indoors. The lighting system is also used for the marketing of their products.