Neptun Preschool

The preschool is profiling itself in the natural sciences and digitalization. The premises of the preschool were completely renovated during the spring of 2017. At the same time, BrainLit’s lighting system was installed to reproduce daylight. Children and staff have been enjoying our natural light environments indoors since August 2017.

The premises have few windows and limited access to daylight from outdoors. Therefore, BrainLit’s dynamic light environment solution with naturally reproduced daylight indoors is a fitting solution for the premises of the preschool.

The automatic AutoLit-recipes are used in all spaces to provide a natural diurnal rhythm, customized to the time of day and changing with the seasons. Some of the rooms have been configured with a schedule to fit with ongoing activities. Specialized light scenarios have been developed with the help of the preschool teachers.

A frosted window with background-fitted lighting in the lunch area for the children is a special solution that gives the impression of a natural admission of daylight.

Calming light scene.

Activating light scene.

Creative room

Activity room

“This preschool is characterized by innovation. We talk with the children about how the technology behind digitalization works, and how digital tools can be used to answer questions.”

– the manager of the preschool