Animal clinic

One of Sweden’s most prominent animal clinics for horseracing, specializing in horse limps, has installed BrainLit’s light solution. The natural light environment with a shadow-free light has helped in easier diagnosis of horse limping, which speeds up the treatment process. The light environment has also been used to create a tranquil environment for horses and doctors prior to checkups.

At the clinic, horses and owners are greeted by dynamic recreated daylight indoors in the combined hall and treatment room. The sprint aisle for diagnosing limping, as well as the two horse boxes, have also been fitted with a natural light environment powered by BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ system.

The light scenes in the premises are easily customized using a display. For example, prior to a checkup, the light can be changed to a warm and subdued tone. This creates a relaxing light environment for horses and doctors in preparation for checkups, enabling calmer and safer procedures.

For treatment, a more intense lighting with a cold blue tone is needed. This helps to increase precision when performing injections, making the experience faster and less stressful for the horse.

The light solution at the animal clinic consists of several luminaires, with the option for a variety of flicker-free light in both intensity and color spectrum. An extensive library of light scenes is available with the display, customized to suit the need of the clinic and its premises. The overall experience provides a smooth and well-optimized light environment for checkups and horse treatments.