BrainLit’s dynamic BioCentric Lighting™ system creates natural environments, both for animals and their keepers. The recreated daylight indoors follows the diurnal rhythm and changes with the seasons. The light can be customized if needed, such as for specific activities in the stables.

Development of the lighting system is based on the latest research into the effect of light on people and animals. A satisfying light environment in the stables is important for the well-being of the animals and provides the right conditions for a higher production quality. We have developed specifically tailored light environments and luminaires to recreate the best light for various stable environments. For example, fowls mainly absorb light through their heads and so require a different light environment than with pig farming. The production of milk in cows can vary depending on the light quality in the stable. With sufficient lighting, cows feel better and the quantity, and quality, of milk increases.

Our AutoLit-recipes automatically configure the lighting to mimic natural daylight outdoors. The lighting can be manually adjusted via a keypad or display if required, for example, when cleaning the stables or in preparation for a veterinary visit.

Another advantage with our system is that it is energy efficient, reducing the cost of electricity by providing sufficient lighting, an important factor considering the large sizes of an animal stable. The lighting system has significant longevity and requires minimum levels of maintenance.

Lundens Djurhälsa

Animals remain calm before checkups and treatments in the new light environment at one of Sweden’s most prominent animal clinics.

“Lighting should support the diurnal rhythm and behavioral demands of the animals”

– according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture

Fowls in daylight indoors

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“To create a good environment for the animal keeper is also an important purpose”

– according to us at BrainLit