Livestock in BioCentric Lighting™

BrainLit’s light environments reproduce daylight indoors and can supply the kind of natural light that animals need but usually only gain from spending time outdoors. Animals kept as livestock, including those in dairy production, are often housed in large stables that are only illuminated during the working day. Animals living under these conditions spend a significant portion of their daily cycle in darkness.

Animals that are exposed to adequate daylight are seen to be healthier, less dependent on antibiotics, and result in more produce. For example, milk production in dairy cattle increases, and poultry begin to lay increased amounts of eggs.

Our light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ are designed alongside the continuing knowledge of how animals react to natural daylight. The lighting systems are optimized for different species of animals, depending on their needs and living conditions. All systems are energy efficient and require minimal maintenance.

” By creating LED systems that offer special spectral outputs, crop and livestock production is enhanced, reducing costs and increasing profits for farmers, while at the same time improving the quality of the product.”

– writes John Bullock in an article, LUX, December 2016. Read article