BioCentric Lighting™

BrainLit’s natural light environments indoors mimic the sunlight that humans need each day. Our natural light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ follow the diurnal rhythm of daylight, including seasonal changes. The system mimics variations in sunlight throughout the day, tracking both color-scale and intensity. This light has a bluish hue in the mid-morning that makes us feel energized. As we approach the evening, the light acquires a reddish shade that enables us to wind down as we prepare for a good night’s sleep. BioCentric Lighting™ makes the body more energetic, more efficient and provides us with better sleep quality.

Personal lighting

Our natural light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ adapt to users, occupations, and times of the day. A personalized light environment enhances sleep, wellbeing, and performance of humans. BrainLit’s personalized lighting system is founded on the latest research on the light in science and medicine and sees continual development in cooperation with our scientific advisory board.


BrainLit’s AutoLit-recipes maintain the indoor light automatically. Each recipe can be customized in accordance with personal and commercial needs. Light environments are easily tweaked as needed, for example in school environments or during business conferences with constantly changing activities. That is seamlessly achieved using a keypad or touchscreen. The biocentric lighting™ environment system is continuously developed in cooperation with our scientific advisory board.

The human in BioCentric Lighting™

BrainLit’s light environments with BioCentric Lighting™ mimic natural daylight indoors and provide us with the light conditions that we would normally only get from being outdoors. Today, we have the benefit of science in understanding that human beings need daylight for the body’s diurnal rhythm to function properly and maintain bodily and mental health.

Light revolution for everyday life

“Our everyday life will be revolutionized by the possibilities of customizable lighting,” says Klas Sjöberg, chief physician, researcher, and chairman of BrainLit’s scientific advisory board.

“The lighting industry needs to take a much more ‘dynamic’ approach to lighting workplaces.”

— By Professor Russel Foster, Lux review 2016. Read article