Team BrainLit

BrainLit’s BioCentric Lighting™ environment solutions were founded by the entrepreneurship of Tord Wingren and his fascination with the impact that light conditions can have on human health. The idea was further developed by a team of researchers, including Klas Sjöberg, head physician and chairman of BrainLit’s scientific advisory board. The first patent was submitted in 2012.

BrainLit AB was founded the same year: 2012. Today, BrainLit holds five patent portfolios and is the leading lighting technology company in Sweden. The current rate of expansion is rapid, and our light environments are operating throughout Sweden, with a global roll-out expected imminently.

The continuous commitment and involvement by BrainLit’s team are furthering the development of great light environments for human health and well-being. The team has extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in technology and medicine related to the importance of daylight for prosperity and efficiency.

By integrated cooperation with our scientific advisory board, we can guarantee that the latest research is synchronized with our system and that our customers will always have access to the best light environment solution. We know that our BioCentric Lighting™ system makes a quick and noticeable difference in many lives.

We are proud of our light environments. Great emphasis is placed on delivering quality products, services, and support to all our customers. Contact us for the experience of natural daylight indoors!


Niclas Olsson
Mobile: + 46 720 255 563

Peter K Andersson
Mobile: +46 73 053 00 00

Truls Löwgren
CTO, Head of Product Development
Mobile: +46 70 550 18 80

Dan Löfgren
Head of Product Management
Mobile: +46 70 726 26 20

Jimmy Landin
Project Leader
Mobile: +46 76 640 10 71

Cathrin Frisemo
Head of Market and Communication
Mobile: +46 76 640 10 70

Vivek Chaturvedi
Product Engineer
Mobile: +46 76 705 83 93

Kristian Storm
Product and Business Development

Mobile: +46 70 935 83 55

Lars-Göran Lundblad
Sales Representative
Mobile: +46 70 633 35 37

Magdalena Roström
Sales Manager
Mobile: +46 76 605 45 45

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